• What is ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org?
  • ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org was founded by Barbara Leavitt and Janae Moss, to empower all parents to achieve their ambitions.

    Since the organization’s launch in May 2014. Our community has consistently grown and we are looking at many exciting opportunities coming up in 2017. ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org is a private organization, operating under the umbrella of United Way of Utah County, a nonprofit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

  • What is a Partner of PAC?

Partners of PAC are corporate, education, faith-based groups, health and wellness, government and nonprofit organizations that support the Parent Advocacy Council’s efforts to empower parents to find their voice and create change in their homes and communities. Our community of partners have access to Parent Advocacy programs that help parents and organizations develop critical skills to work side by side. As a result, our parents report that they are more engaged in decisions that have an affect on their families.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Parent Advocacy Council Partner?
  1. Everything you need to run a Parent Advocacy Council, our No. 1 partner program
  2. Access to a community of organizations that share best practices
  3. A library of tips, education videos, meeting guides, articles
  4. Parent Advocacy Council brand assets that can be used at internal events
  5. Opportunities to participate in public awareness campaigns like #iparent
  • How can my organization become a Parent Advocacy Council partner?

As a first step, submit your profile. During the short registration process, we’ll ask you to provide the following:

  1. A company description and logo
  2. An executive quote explaining how and/or why your organization is committed to working beside parents
  3. Your contact information. As the person who registers your organization, you’ll become the Parent Advocacy Council Champion, or primary point of contact at your organization.
  4. Accept our Terms of Service before completing registration.
  • Do we have to pay to be a partner?

No. All of the resources we provide to partners are free.

  • What does it mean to be a Parent Advocacy Council Champion?

A Partner Champion is responsible for implementing PAC programming and serving as the primary liaison between an organization and ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org. The person who submits your organizations Partner Profile usually becomes the Partner Champion, although some organizations have a team of people working together to fulfill Partner Champion responsibilities. If you become your organization’s Partner Champion, you’ll be responsible for starting programs like the Parent Advocacy Council program at your organization, as well as sharing our news, and education materials.

  • What is a good parent champion?
  1. Can be a single individual or a small group dedicated to sharing the responsibilities
  2. Has time and resources to support the partnership
  3. Is excited about the role and the mission of ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org
  • How can I start a Parent Advocacy Council within my organization?

Parent Advocacy Councils are small groups that grow together.  Once you submit your partner profile, you’ll get tips on getting started and running your PAC, along with supporting materials to help you engage with your PAC community.

  • Can men be involved in Parent Advocacy Council programs?

Yes, of course! Research shows that everyone benefits when fathers are actively engaged —starting with men themselves. Once you submit your partner profile, you’ll have access to tips, videos, and other resources that engage fathers in the discussion and help them to do their part toward parent advocacy.

  • Can my organization donate to ParentAdvocacyCouncil.Org?

Yes. We welcome any support available, as we are continually looking for ways to build our community. In addition, joining our mission by registering your organization, you can use our materials to implement a Parent Advocacy Council, and/or share our message.