What is PAC?

The Parent Advocacy Council is a place where parent leaders come together to represent a voice in the community, that needs to be heard. We are a group of parents, run by parents, and supported by amazing organizations – which we call our 6 pillars: Business, Faith-Based, Government, Education, Health & Wellness, and Non-Profit.

Our mission as a council is to empower, support and encourage parents to look within themselves to find everything they need to strengthen their family. Because of this, we each have committed to serve on the first official PAC – and meet monthly with parents, so you can return and share their voice and passion with us. In turn, we will be better able to support one another, and make a significant impact on our committees.

As we improve the lives of our children, recognize and trust our innate ability to parent, and bring others along – we will have a powerful voice and influence on our communities.
We take the time to find out what each parent is passionate about, give valuable tools (The five protective Factors), and help foster relationships to create change. We meet monthly and enjoy food, fantastic speakers, and hold community cafes to discuss the topics presented.

If you want more information, please email us at ParentAdvocacyCouncil@gmail.com

Janae Moss